Betty Harter’s Silhouette

Silhouette of a woman with backing sheet and envelope

I found this silhouette twenty years’s ago in a trunk. The truck was in my parent’s attic, full of all kinds of unlikely pieces of cloth and costume. The silhouettes was languishing forgotten at the bottom.

At the time, I was helping my parent s to pack and move all their belongings as they left their Somerset village home for a smaller town house, more suited to retirement. 

I asked Mum who it was.

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New silhouettist website

When I first began thinking about whether I could run my own studio-day events online I quickly realised I’d need a high tech website to do this. Asking people to arrive at an event at 10-minute intervals sounds like a simple concept, but it isn’t!

My first instinct was to approach a professional website designer to do it for me, but then I had second thoughts.

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