Inspiration to Practice Piano

Two genre silhouettes in frames

I saw your call for silhouette stories yesterday, so here are some you m might like.

I have two silhouettes, nothing extraordinary but I love them both. One of them inspires me to practice piano, while the other is an inheritance from my grandmother.

Silhouette of a man and woman with a Piano in 1920s dress. An inspiration to practice piano.
Bobella Silhouette of a Piano scene


The first is a ‘bobella’ silhouette. I have not had it very long, I turned it up whilst rummaging in a junk shop in Shropshire. For a fiver I was pleased to bring it home and it hangs in my living room, The same room as my piano, to inspire me to practice practice practice.

Bobella silhouettes were popular in the 1920s and are easily identified by the oval ‘Bobella’ label on the back. They were made by cutting out a printed image by hand. They often turn up in sets of two or four, but this one is all alone.

If I could be half as stylish as the fellow in this silhouette I would be delighted.

G.A Andrews

Genre silhouette of girl and poodle
Silhouette print by GA Andrews

The second silhouette is I think a print rather than a cut out, but in the spirit of earlier silhouettes. This one is by G A Andrews and depicts a rather regency lady and her little dog.

This one belonged to my grandmother and I found it among her belongings.

She, like me, saw treasure in junk and had an eye for a bargain. She loved a junk shop, a flea market or a jumble sale and I have very much inherited this. I still have a number of things that she found and dragged home, vintage tea chests, display cabinets, beautiful books, pictures, all sorts. She also, like me, had a love of dogs so this silhouette, particularly the perky little dog, speaks to me. 

Not the most fascinating stories I’m afraid, and you can probably tell me more about both pictures than I can tell you! 

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  1. Thanks for sending this Billy. I hadn’t come across Bobella silhouettes before. It seems surprisingly hard to find out anything about them!

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