Sixty odd years ago

Silhouettes of Simon the boy and Simon the man

You may not remember me but you did my silhouette on Your Interior Business’s stand at Decorex in Olympia. It has been much admired!

If you do remember at the time I told you that it was sixty odd years ago that I last had my silhouette done in a booth at Bertram Mills’ Circus held at Olympia! I said I would send a copy to you.

Card carries text indicating when and where it was cut
Simon Playle 2019, by Charles Burns
Card is dated Jan 1959
Simon Playle 1959, by unknown artist

I am afraid it is taken some time to find it but here at last it is! It is not signed but on the back there are some initials (faded and indecipherable).

Please see the two attachments. I hope you enjoy comparing them. Yours of course is more refined and much better. I don’t know much about the artist , but I do remember it was a man and I am sure he was English.

When Bertram Mills presented their circus every Christmas time at Olympia around the perimeter there were innumerable booths with people selling jumping beans, taking your photograph with parrots or monkeys etc. and including this silhouette artist. 

Simon Playle

1 thought on “Sixty odd years ago

  1. Thank you for sending this. I do recall the conversation, your silhouette reminds me who you are.

    It was great to see your childhood silhouette, but sadly I cannot identify the artist. The manner of cutting the tie is unique, and would certainly be a clue, but I’ve never seen another silhouette cut like this.

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