Memories of a Special Day

We have silhouettes made by Charles at our wedding. These are of course important to us for the obvious reminder of our special day, but there’s even more to it than that. We also have a print of all the silhouettes cut on the day. It makes us think of all those people we love, including some who have since died.

We really love spotting other silhouettes on display in other houses. We see them often when we visit friends and family who were there.

Photograph of a wedding print forming memories of a special day
Becky and Thom with all their wedding guests on their special day

Identifying Guests at our Special Day

We put a clear piece of plastic over the print of them all and labelled each silhouette, so we would remember who was who. We were very impressed with the Mother of the Groom. She was able to identify almost all of the silhouettes even though she did not know all the guests very well. This is a lovely memory to have, especially since she sadly passed away.

Captions have the couples' names and the date of their special day
Silhouette off cuts decorated with dried flowers by Becky’s aunt

One of the Bride’s Aunts kept the off cuts from our silhouettes and framed them along with pressed flowers and other decorations and things from our special day. She then gave it to us for Christmas later that year.

For all these reasons our silhouettes are so very important to us. They are also a great conversation starter displayed in our home.

Silhouettes of a bride and groom next to a cake and the work "LOVE": wedding memories
Silhouettes of Becky & Thom cut by Charles on their special day


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  1. Thank you for posting this Becky. I love what your aunt did with the silhouette off-cuts, they look amazing!

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