Regency & Embellished Silhouettes

Portraits & Silhouettes in a Variety of Media

Also available by arranging a Zoom sitting is this range of traditional silhouettes

In the eighteenth and nineteenth century artists used a wide range of techniques to make silhouettes. These include painting on card, plaster and glass, as well as embellishing silhouettes with white, gold or coloured paint to add a level of three-dimensionality to them.

This range of studio silhouettes represent my own take on these old techniques. All of them involve a short Zoom sitting or home visit in which I make an initial cutting and take some reference photographs before finishing the work in my studio.


Studio silhouettes and portraits

This is not an exhaustive list of the many styles of silhouette portrait I can make. Just those which I can readily define as a product! Many are featured in my book Mastering Silhouettes. I’ve always been interested in recreating the techniques of past silhouettists, it’s one of the reasons I spend so much time collecting and analysing them. I then use these techniques to create both traditional and contemporary styles of silhouette portrait. If you have something more bespoke in mind please get in touch, or browse the art gallery.

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