New York and my Tuttle silhouettes

Silhouete of a man a woman

Here’s some silhouette news you might be interested in, though New York is unlikely to be on your itinerary just at the moment, I suspect. However, you can visit on the web, to a certain extent.

You may know that I have in our collection a silhouette of a couple sitting opposite each other at a table with a cat underneath. Last summer, at a friend’s suggestion, I had the frame removed and found the names of both the sitters just underneath the frame and the date(1826).

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Sixty odd years ago

Silhouettes of Simon the boy and Simon the man

You may not remember me but you did my silhouette on Your Interior Business’s stand at Decorex in Olympia. It has been much admired!

If you do remember at the time I told you that it was sixty odd years ago that I last had my silhouette done in a booth at Bertram Mills’ Circus held at Olympia! I said I would send a copy to you.

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Memories of a Special Day

We have silhouettes made by Charles at our wedding. These are of course important to us for the obvious reminder of our special day, but there’s even more to it than that. We also have a print of all the silhouettes cut on the day. It makes us think of all those people we love, including some who have since died.

We really love spotting other silhouettes on display in other houses. We see them often when we visit friends and family who were there.

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Inspiration to Practice Piano

Two genre silhouettes in frames

I saw your call for silhouette stories yesterday, so here are some you m might like.

I have two silhouettes, nothing extraordinary but I love them both. One of them inspires me to practice piano, while the other is an inheritance from my grandmother.

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Betty Harter’s Silhouette

Silhouette of a woman with backing sheet and envelope

I found this silhouette twenty years’s ago in a trunk. The truck was in my parent’s attic, full of all kinds of unlikely pieces of cloth and costume. The silhouettes was languishing forgotten at the bottom.

At the time, I was helping my parent s to pack and move all their belongings as they left their Somerset village home for a smaller town house, more suited to retirement. 

I asked Mum who it was.

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New silhouettist website

When I first began thinking about whether I could run my own studio-day events online I quickly realised I’d need a high tech website to do this. Asking people to arrive at an event at 10-minute intervals sounds like a simple concept, but it isn’t!

My first instinct was to approach a professional website designer to do it for me, but then I had second thoughts.

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