Hands holding a silhouette

Silhouettist Gift Vouchers

A live virtual art experience with Charles Burns, the UK’s leading silhouette artist

Use silhouettist gift vouchers to buy a virtual silhouette sitting with Charles Burns as a gift for a friend or relative. Each voucher contains the code they need to choose a date and book their own sitting.

Gift Vouchers are a great way to preserve the element of surprise when giving silhouettes as a gift (far easier than trying to take an exact profile photo of them while they’re not looking…) It also means they get to experience and enjoy the process of having their silhouettes cut, live on Zoom by Charles.

Using silhouettist gift vouchers to book a sitting

After receiving the gift voucher the recipient will need to visit this website to choose a suitable date and time for their sitting.. As they checkout they apply the unique single-use gift-card code to redeem the voucher.