New silhouettist website

When I first began thinking about whether I could run my own studio-day events online I quickly realised I’d need a high tech website to do this. Asking people to arrive at an event at 10-minute intervals sounds like a simple concept, but it isn’t!

My first instinct was to approach a professional website designer to do it for me, but then I had second thoughts.

As a business owner I know one is supposed to outsource anything one feels incapable of doing oneself. It makes sense in normal times. Most businesses owners are full of ideas and inspiration but woefully short of time. They also tend to only have a tenth of the total skills needed to run a business. It makes sense to do the the study one is good at and outsource the rest.

However, we do not live in normal times. The postponement or cancellation of all my Roving Artist events from now until at least the end of August means that:

  1. I don’t have much of a budget to outsource anything, and
  2. I have a lot more time than I usually would

I therefore decided to take the bull b the horns (which might make a good silhouette…) and do ti all myself.

To help move things along I’ve set myself the completely unreasonable deadline of opening the site at 10am Friday 5th June. I know this won’t work, but I still hope it might. I have a lot of reading and learning to so about website construction .

Of course the website will not be finished by then, but I dare to hope it might be be functioning and capable of taking bookings for my studio days. To achieve this I need to create a home page and an events page with a list of upcoming studio days. All else can wait until later. After all, website are never really finished, right? So why wait until the website is finished to launch it?

I added a “site in development” plugin to keep visitors out with a countdown timer to the 5th June.

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