Paper Collage Silhouettes


Experimental and contemporary mixed-media silhouettes
Created by Charles Burns

Be prepared to be surprised and delighted with unusual colours and textures.

Sitting for your silhouette

We will need to schedule a live sitting over Zoom.

During the sitting, Charles will make some initial cuttings and sketches whilst chatting about colour schemes. You can look though some of the Japanese papers he works with. The silhouette will be created afterwards in the studio.

The result will a fun and colourful interpretation of your profile which will inspire comments from all who see it

Please read our commissioning notes below

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Created using a wide range of Japanese and western paper as well as a paint and found objects.

Commissioning a paper collage silhouette

You do not need to visit our studio.

You’ll find posing for a silhouette portrait online an enjoyable process!

It takes time, and your involvement in the process will be crucial to a successful commission. We make this really easy for you with our five-stage commissioning process.

@silhouettist five-stage commissioning process

This is the process we will follow to make your portraits. Please read and be prepared to take part.

  1. You place an order, optionally attaching some reference photos after you check out
  2. We invite you to choose a date and time for a virtual portrait sitting
    • if no suitable studio day is coming up, we’ll schedule a bespoke sitting for you (dependant on Charles’ availability)
    • you can ask Charles to work from photographs only, but please read the relevant terms and conditions first
  3. Once we agree a date and time for a sitting, you will meet Charles and pose for him at a Zoom meeting
    • during the sitting Charles will talk to you about colour schemes, make some initial sketches or cuttings, and take a screen shot of the pose
  4. After the sitting he’ll work on your silhouettes. He’ll then send a proof photo by email for your comment or approval
    • Charles will finish the silhouette, taking into account your comments, before sending a second (usually final) proof for approval
    • if you feel further alterations are needed we may ask you to appear at a second virtual sitting and/or send further reference photos
  5. Once you’re pleased with the result, Charles will mount the silhouette on a suitable card. He’ll then sign and deliver it to you, together with a stamped certificate of authenticity
    • we include tracked worldwide delivery in the fee

The whole process may take time, dependant on Charles’ schedule and your own participation. If you need these silhouettes for a particular date (eg: an anniversary or birthday) please let us know when you place the order.


Weight 20 g
Dimensions 180 × 125 × 1 mm

Graphite on scissor-cut paper


90gsm acid-free white laid paper


150 gsm laid card

Card colour

Default = Navy blue, other colours available on request


This portrait is supplied unframed
By default it will fit a standard 7"x 5" photo frame, either oval or rectangular


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