Silhouette Cutting on Wednesday 12th August


“My Charlotte Addington Tribute Studio Day took  place on Wednesday 12th August 2020”
Sittings between 6am and noon UK time (BST)

This studio day is over, ticket sales were mediocre


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We arranged this virtual studio day as a tribute to the English silhouettist Charlotte Addington.

Who was Charlotte Addington?

Series of classical figures cut from one sheet of paper
Inscribed on the back, in a contemporary hand ‘Figures cut by Miss Charlotte Addington at Richmond Park’

Miss Charlotte Addington is one of many really obscure silhouettists about whom almost nothing is known.

We only know of her existence from a group of silhouettes figures wearing early nineteenth century clothing (possibly c. 1810), cut at Richmond Park. The work isn’t signed or labelled, but somebody (we know not who) added her name on the back at a later date. If they hadn’t done, there would e very little evidence that an artist of this name had ever lived.

It is uncertain whether or not she was a professional silhouettist. It’s possible, but perhaps unlikely. It’s more likely that she was one of many talented amateurs who enjoyed cutting out scenes from paper.

The group silhouette shows eleven small figures, some of them children and none more than an inch high. Charlotte cut the figures from a single sheet of shiny black paper, leaving them all joined together with a thin black line of paper. She then mounted the whole composition on a piece of white card.

Although she cut them ‘all in a row’, she arranged them by varying the heights and placements of the figures, putting the tallest in the middle. They are cut in neoclassical in style, with one woman carrying an urn.

Studio Day Tributes

We named this Studio Day as a tribute to Charlotte Addington. As a self-taught artist Charles owes a huge debt to the work of past silhouettists, so naming studio days like this is a good way to pay tribute to them. [ More Tributes ]

Charles normally cuts silhouette in his own style (there are many examples all over this website). However, if you’d like your portraits cut in the manner of any tributed artist please do ask. Such challenges are always welcome!


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Sitting times

In multiples of 10 minutes


Silhouettes delivered worldwide after the event

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  1. Charles Burns (verified owner)

    This was my first early-morning studio day aimed at clients in Japan and Australia. Sadly, it did not go well!

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