Duplicate silhouettes


Multiple copies of your favourite silhouettes

If you have a paper-cut silhouette from the virtual studio, or from photographs, you can order duplicate copies to give to others.

You will need the silhouette number and date stamped on the back of the silhouettes to place an order.


  • First copy of one silhouette: £25
  • One copy each of two silhouettes: £40
  • Subsequent copies of each silhouette: £10

Discounts for multiple silhouettes will be applied at checkout

Ordering process:

  1. Select number of copies you require for each silhouette
  2. Indicate the number of silhouettes you want copies of (a discount will apply for 2 or more)
  3. During the checkout process add the silhouette number and date (if known) in the “Notes about the oder” box
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Duplicate silhouettes are cut by hand from the duplicate white copies kept in the artist’s duplicate albums.

They are made by taking a rubbing or scan from the duplicate and cutting further copies. Since the copies are cut by hand they will differ in some details from the original, but these differences will only be discernible under close inspection.

Each copy will be mounted onto one of our current backing cards and identified with the same number on the back as the original.

Pricing and discounts

We try to keep the process, and hence the cost, of ordering duplicates as simple as possible. For this reason there is no editing process, as it is assumed you have already approved the original silhouette.

The first copy is more expensive as this covers the time involved in finding the original and making a scan of it. Cost for single copies are:

  1. One copy of one silhouette: £25
  2. One copy of two or more silhouettes: £20 each.

Please choose the single copy option above and indicate the number of silhouettes you have to copy. If ordering copies of two or more silhouettes a discount will be applied at the checkout.

Subsequent copies are £10 each as these can quickly be made from the same scan.


If you want  three copies each of two silhouettes first choose the “three copies of the same silhouette” option, then increase the counter from 1 to 2. A discount will be applied at checkout.

Alterations and changes

If you want any changes made to the silhouettes then you will need to book a sitting and have new silhouettes made. This section is only to order exact copies of existing silhouettes.