Silhouette Secrets

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A feature-length silhouette documentary presented by Charles Burns. The film features Charles’ quest to break the world silhouette speed-cutting record.

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Silhouette Secrets is a one hour documentary film in which a modern day silhouettist takes a journey back in time to explore the history of his shadowy art. asking the question:

“Where did it come from?”

On the way he meets the works fastest silhouette artist, who challenges him to a duel of scissors.

Silhouette Secrets 90-second trailer from Charles Burns

Presented by Charles Burns, the journey takes him from a windswept seaside pier on the north coast of Wales, via New York City to an Audi showroom in Houston, Texas. It finishes with an intriguing answer to his question.

The disc includes the feature Silhouette Secrets and a series of short extra “snippets”, bit humorous and educational, which explore the subject further.

Additional information

Weight25 g
Dimensions2 × 120 × 120 mm

Andi Reiss


Charles Burns and Andi Reiss

Executive Producer

Cindi Harwood Rose

Film length

1 hour 6 mins


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