Silhouettes from Photographs


Classic, simple, black-paper silhouettes
Cut with scissors by Charles Burns

These silhouettes are similar  to those created live at our virtual studio days. Working from photos takes longer and requires more care, so they are a bit more expensive.

The cost reduces with quantity and includes email proofs to ensure you’re happy with the result before posting.

Cameo silhouette prices

  • One person: £75.00
  • Two people: £60.00 each
  • Three people: £50.00 each
  • Four people or more: £45.00 each

Full-length silhouette prices

  • One person: £95.00
  • Two people or more: £75.00 each

Please choose photos with care after reading the notes below.

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Cutting silhouettes from photographs can be a good alternative to a live sitting if this is difficult.

Charles cuts these traditional black-paper silhouettes from photographs and mounts them onto white cards with a printed border. We’ll send an email proof before before posting them.

Notes on taking photographs

The success of this commission will depend entirely on the photos you supply.

Try to take photographs in good light, against a plain wall without flash. The subject should be in profile and you should show the whole head and shoulders (including any long hair).

If ideal photos are not available for any reason, please send what you can and ask Charles for advice.

Commissioning  a set of silhouettes from photographs is a process. It takes time, and your involvement in the process will be crucial. We make this really easy for you with our four-stage commissioning process.

@silhouettist four-stage process for making silhouettes from photographs

This is the process we will follow to make your silhouette. Please read and be prepared to take part.

  1. You place an order for the silhouette(s) you require, supplying at least one reference photo for each subject
    • you can attach photos from this page, after the checkout page, or send them by email after placing the order
  2. Charles will examine the photos supplied and advise if they are suitable
    • if not, we’ll let you know and discuss how to proceed
  3. Once we receive adequate photos  Charles will cut the silhouette. He’ll then send a proof photo by email for your comment or approval
    • if  alterations are necessary these will be made before a second (usually final) proof is sent
    • if you feel further alterations are needed we may ask you to send further reference photos
  4. Once you’re happy Charles will mount the silhouette on card and sign it. We’ll then deliver it to you, backed with a stamped certificate of authenticity
    • Worldwide delivery is included in the cost

The whole process may take time, dependant on Charles’ schedule and your own participation. If you need these silhouettes from photographs for a particular date (eg: an anniversary or birthday) please let us know as you place the order.

Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions180 × 150 × 1 mm

Paper cutting


80 gsm acid-free black paper


Printed 300gsm laid white card


This silhouette is supplied unframed.
It will fit a standard oval or rectangular 7"x 5" photo frame


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