Breakfast & Morning Sittings: Sunday 16th June 2024


Sittings between 6am and 12pm London time (BST)

One sitting: £60.00
Two or more: £48 each

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This morning  studio day takes place online. You are booking a short sitting to have silhouette portraits cut over Zoom – freehand with scissors – by the celebrity silhouettist Charles Burns. The process is a lot of fun and amazing t0 watch.

After booking your sitting we’ll send an email ticket containing a Zoom link and further information. We’ll also send a reminder before the event.

On the day please log in two minutes before your sitting. Charles will meet you on Zoom, cut your silhouettes and post them anywhere in the world.

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International sittings and time zones.

For a morning studio day sittings begin at 6am and continue to noon London time. This corresponds to:

  • Daytime in Dubai
  • Afternoon in Tokyo and Sydney
  • Evening in New Zealand

We welcome visitors from around the world. Please make sure you calculate the correct equivalent time, which you can easily do by checking the clock above.

Notable Silhouettes

You’re in good company. Here are some more silhouettes cut by Charles Burns.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge face to face in silhouette
This couple were cut at his grandparent’s 70th wedding anniversary in Windsor, 2017

Can you tell who they are?

Sitting times:

In multiples of 10 minutes


Silhouettes delivered worldwide after the event

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